We create ideas, useful, social, cool.
We do beautiful things. We're passionate about that.

We believe that anything done with passion becomes a success.
At Tachanfil we spend our days looking for great ideas, planning how to develop them, and taking them to reality.
That's why we put all our knowledge, skills and attitudes to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Why choose us?

Because we are creative, because we enjoy making things that are useful and really work, because we are open to ideas, but we also know how to deliver them, because we are young and enthusiastic people who want to fulfill the customers’ wishes.

How we work?

Think the basics

We detect needs and resolve it with new ideas, which are put on paper prototypes to see how it works.

Planning & design & develop

Our entire team analyzes the idea to get the best for users. We focus on finding a functional, usable and creative development.

Tests & test & test

Our work is based on trial and error, where we learn from our mistakes until the app is ready for launch.

Upload & improvment

After launching an app, we analyze the feedback from our users, and continue working to improve our products until be the best.

We're a great team at the helm

Team Member
Founder · UX/UI Lead
Team Member
Founder · Development Lead
Team Member
Marketing & Analysis
  • The most important SPANISH NEWSPAPERS in one place. It is a good choice hopefully increase in the future. Very handy indeed.

  • Instead of having many applications on our iPhone, SPANISH NEWSPAPERS gives you access to important information from the press of our country. We recommend it!

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